Medals from the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship

At the beginning of each year, we at the Chinese Martial Arts Center start preparing for our very own tournament: the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship.

Master Scrima initiated the tournament in 1998, and since then it has grown rapidly into a full-scale international competition, with well over a thousand competitors of all ages and skill levels. Master Scrima had successful beginnings as a tournament promoter while still in Ohio. He was one of the first masters to promote an all-Chinese martial arts tournament in the United States and the first in Ohio, with the Great Lakes Kung Fu Championship. After moving to Florida and traveling around the country with his competition team, Master Scrima decided to organize the ICMAC. The tournament has grown steadily over the years into the largest Chinese martial arts tournament in North America, attracting record numbers of students and masters alike. The "who's who" of Chinese martial arts have all been present at the tournament at some point in time. Due to its continued growth, the tournament has become an invitational event, so as to maintain the high standards for which it is renown.

The ICMAC features all types of events, such as Northern and Southern traditional Kung Fu, Wu Shu, short & long weapons, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, push hands, point & continuous sparring, and San Shou. In addition to the tournament, each year we have a night of masters' demonstrations and a full day of seminars. There are also vendors that sell Chinese weapons, uniforms, books, videos, and other merchandise. This full spectrum of activity makes the ICMAC a can't-miss event for every Chinese martial artist.

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