Grand Master William C. C. Chen is one of Professor Zheng Manqing’s senior students. He developed the 60 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi Form based on the teachings of the late master and his own experience in the art.

The 60 Movement form is equal in length to Zheng’s 37 Posture Form. In fact, if we count the Professor’s 37 Posture Form by individual movements we also end up with 60 movements.

For example – Lan Que Wei (Grasp the sparrow’s tail) contains:

  • Ward-off
  • Roll away
  • Press
  • Push

In Zheng Manqing’s form these are counted as one movement while in Master Chen’s form they are counted as four separate movements.

Another example – Fen Jiao (Separate leg) contains:

  • Separate right leg
  • Separate left leg

In the professor’s form they are counted as one action while William Chen counts them as two separate movements.

Master Chen maintained the overall framework of the 37 Postures but eliminated certain repetitive postures while adding movements absent from the Professor’s form.

Since the early 1950s, Master Chen has been teaching the 60 Movement Form throughout North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

I learned the 37 Posture form from Master Tao Ping Shiang and the 60 Movement form from Master William Chen, both senior students of Professor Zheng.