So you want to learn Chinese martial arts? I am here to help you get started!

At our school we believe in our motto: “More than kicking and striking…a pathway to self-mastery and fulfillment.” I believe that training is about empowering you with self-confidence, improving your physical fitness, and filling your life with a sense of purpose through the practice of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and other styles offered at our center. Regardless of the course you enroll in, the training is all about making you better; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Here at the Chinese Martial Arts Center, I take personal responsibility in making sure that your learning experience is focused, thorough, and exciting. Call today to schedule a visit and receive your personal tour of the school and a free consultation.

Beginning classes start weekly

We have beginner’s classes scheduled weekly so you can start anytime. You can feel comfortable in knowing that you will be training with a group of students who are at your skill level. You will be able to learn without feeling as if you need to keep up with more advanced students.

Choose group classes or private training

I offer both group classes and private classes. For most people group classes fulfill their needs. For certain people, their busy schedule limits their free time and private classes offer more productive “one-on-one” training.

My training background and teaching experience are unique

It’s not unusual nowadays for people to operate a school after only a few years of martial arts training. It’s also unfortunate that many people don’t do enough research in looking into the instructor’s background and teaching experience.

When you join my school, you can feel confident in knowing that you will be receiving training under the guidance of an internationally recognized “Master Instructor” with nearly 30 years of teaching experience. You judge the strength of a tree by the depth of its roots!

The cost of training

I am not in competition with other schools and do not base my fees according to what other schools are charging; after all, each person knows their own worth best. My fees are based on my many years of experience in teaching Chinese martial arts, my unique curriculum and the quality of my instruction. Having said this, I can assure you that we can work together in arranging a program that fits your budget and needs. But keep in mind that in martial arts, as with everything else in life, you usually get what you pay for.

Is my school the right martial arts school for you?

I can best answer this question by telling you what we are and are not about.
What we are:

What we are not:

The following points describe in a nutshell how I look at each student, what I expect of them and what they can expect from me.

Let’s get to the training

Trying to give a description of a training session is like trying to describe to someone what swimming is like by having them look at the water; it will hardly do. Nevertheless, I will provide you with a brief synopsis of our two training programs: the Shaolin Training Program and the Internal Training Program. I suggest reading carefully about the styles I teach in Our Curriculum page to get better acquainted with these systems. But don’t just stand there and look at the water, jump on in!

Our External Program:

Our External Kung Fu program offers training in Shaolin Kung Fu, Mizong Luohan and Eagle Claw Kung Fu. These classes are dynamic and provide an exhilarating workout; you will be developing strength, stamina, and flexibility while learning practical self-defense skills. You will also be challenged mentally since the training requires focus, concentration and quick thinking. These energetic classes definitely beat the same boring workout at the gym.

Our Internal Program:

Our Internal program is based on some of the most evolved styles of Chinese martial arts, such as Tai Chi Quan, Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang. These methods focus on cultivating the mind and harnessing the Qi (Vital Energy) through highly sophisticated methods. Balance, proper posture and correct breathing are blended with different techniques to develop amazing power. While you will be physically challenged, these classes are conducted in a more relaxed atmosphere. You will be learning self-defense skills while getting rid of stress and anxiety. These classes definitely thump working out on your own.

Note: If you are passionate about martial arts but are no longer able to continue training in hard styles, our Internal training program is exceptional in furthering your martial arts education.

What are you going to be doing tonight? Are you going to be sitting in front of the television set until you fall asleep? Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Come and join us today! Our martial arts program provides a lifetime of learning. Our training is always interesting, exhilarating, challenging, progressive, serious, and fulfilling.

Want to learn more about Chinese martial arts? I highly recommend reading Chinese Boxing – Masters and Methods, by Robert W. Smith, available through